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Track, manage, and pay your team with Friday. It’s that simple.


Changing the way small businesses manage and pay their team

Our user-friendly software was designed for small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers. Track your team’s hours without any paperwork involved.

Time Tracking

Clock it. In or out, manage your team’s hours of activity accurately. Now that's time well spent.

clock in


There’s no skill needed. With Friday, payroll is easy and simple.

Mobile App

Access key features you’ve come to rely on, on the go.

Focus on your biz, like a Simple-Power-Boss.



Our software is simple at the core. Its brilliance is found in its simplicity.


All tools in one smart platform. Our software works for you instead of the other way around.


Our customer support team is here to help you, guide you and work with you. And we might just cheer you on in the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friday?

A simple platform to Manage, Pay, and Engage your team.

Is Friday only for time tracking?

Of course not. We are building a full team management solution. Time tracking is just the beginning

How quick does it take to get started?

Typically, you’ll be set up within a couple of minutes.

What if my number of employees shifts during the year?

The billing automatically adjusts based on the amount of active employees.

What People Say About Us

I love the ease of using FRIDAY. Everything is simple with no extras or distractions. Just what I need for my business to flow.

Sury Goldstein
CEO Bookster

Friday is my secret for the systematic timekeeping of my employees! Its simplicity and clean interface are one of a kind.
It is definitely the easiest way to keep track of working hours!

Noach Schmahl
CEO Tower Home Care