Sunday's & Business

Building Relationships

April 23, 2023
minute read

Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, This week featuring Jacob Herzog from Lucida Surfaces with 3 easy to implement tips on Building Relationships

Establish trust

The starting point is understanding that success lies in building strong relationships through personal connections, and not just pushing for a sale. The key point is to get to know them, make frequent visits, establish trust and cherish the relationship until they become like family. Then, the selling process will become natural.

Maintain your relationships

Providing exceptional service is the key to maintaining strong relationships with customers. Go the extra mile, such as sending birthday messages or offering a promotion. Keep up regular communication and address concerns promptly. By prioritizing any the relationship, you will build a loyal customer base for long-term success.

Nurture existing relationships

Ask satisfied customers for referrals to expand your customer base and increase sales. Nurture existing relationships by providing exceptional service to leave customers satisfied and willing to recommend you. Consistent delivery on promises and going above and beyond to meet their needs, will build a network of loyal customers who will spread the word about your business.