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3 Easy to implement tips on Business Leadership

July 17, 2022
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Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, this week featuring Joseph Hoffman from Forwardslash, with 3 easy to implement tips on Business Leadership.

Allow Mistakes

It's hard when an employee makes a mistake. But being an overbearing boss staunches growth and experience. Allow mistakes to happen, and then provide feedback. This creates a growth environment where perfection is cultivated, not coerced

Organize by Priority

We tend to push off challenging tasks, but they're the ones that are actually important to your business. Organize your daily tasks by prioritizing the ones that generate more business or money.

Debrief with the Team

Set up a team retro meeting after every project. Go over how it was handled, what worked, what didn't, and how to improve. Take specific feedback from every team member, because learning from others generates growth.