Hire Top Talent: 5 Candidate Sourcing Strategies to Follow

January 26, 2023
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When it comes to your company's future, acquiring talented candidates is extremely important. Formulating a talent pipeline is one of the most effective ways to hire the most skillful individuals, which contribute to your organization’s future growth.

Talented candidates will lower your company’s turnover rate and improve productivity by a long mile. Conversely, hiring unsuitable candidates could harm your company’s culture and waste significant resources during their training process.

As a business owner, you must know how to engage candidates. In addition, you need to streamline the process to attract suitable candidates for your company. That said, you need to develop a complete strategy to do this successfully.  

Candidate Sourcing: A Break Down

Talent sourcing is a process where employers actively search for qualified candidates. Through talent sourcing, your team engages with potential candidates that can be brought into your talent pipeline to fill positions.  

You must build an employer brand so candidates can know the benefits of working for your company. The process of talent recruiting appeals to a larger quantity of candidates. Recruitment marketing is a big part of your talent pipeline management strategy.  

Recruitment marketing is the practice of promoting the benefits of working for a particular employer to recruit new talent. Candidate sourcing will generate impeccable results for your company – They’re over twice as efficient as candidates who apply independently.  

With all of this in mind, how can you find top talent? Observe the following strategies that will help you fill your company’s four walls with seasoned, qualified talent.

#1. Source Candidates from your ATS

To find the right candidate for your company, you have to devote time to sourcing candidates. This process allows you to recruit qualified talent for current roles and positions in the future.  

Nearly 99% of companies are firm in the belief that re-engaging talent could help build their talent pipeline. Moving, begin every talent search with archived candidates – you’ve already invested time in them and know their qualifications.

You must provide an excellent candidate experience. That way, talent will want to re-engage in the near future.  

#2. Diversify your Company’s Candidate Sourcing Channels

Many employers have channels where they find candidates. Over half of employers claim they initially rely on their professional network. You don’t have to stop there – Try sources that aren’t as common.

Potential candidates may be more receptive to messages on sites that are less conventional. There are many online platforms you can use to hunt for talent; however, understanding your target candidates will give you more insight on where to find them.


For example, if you’re seeking engineers, try Triplebyte. For tech talent, check out Hired. Hiring for a startup? Find candidates through Underdog.  

#3. Try Offline Recruitment Methods

Online channels may enhance your engagement, but offline methods are a powerful tool that can help you find suitable talent. Meeting candidates face-to-face is an effective way to source new talent.

You can host your own meetups or conferences to bring together groups of professionals you’re interested in meeting. After your meetup, reach out to the candidates that appealed to you – they’ll be more likely to respond after meeting you in person.  

You can also attend job conferences and events to scope out potential talent for your company.


#4. Explore Your Employee’s Networks to Find Top Talent  

When recruiting through your employee’s networks, you will likely find professionals with similar skillsets and experience. Not only this, but they’ll be more likely to give your company a chance when they share a mutual connection.  

For example, Facebook will show display candidate search results based on your employee’s social graph. This is how you can discover similar candidates The process is especially useful when you lose an employee and need to fill their position as quickly as possible.  

In addition, observe your employee’s connected accounts – you can find more talent through these channels. Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub are all examples of professional networks that could be linked to your employee’s profiles.  

#5. Find Top Talent for Positions You Haven’t Opened Yet

Advanced recruiters are proactive in sourcing efforts and get ahead of the game. They do so by sourcing candidates for roles they’ll have in the future. To begin a proactive approach, you must build personas.

To do this, analyze your business growth plans that are currently in place. To follow, construct a corresponding workforce hiring strategy that shows you when hires need to be made throughout the year.  

After you’ve formulated a picture of which teams in your organization should grow, decipher the skillsets that are required. Knowing this information will organize and structure your candidate sourcing process.  

Adopting the Right Strategy

It’s no secret that your profession’s best candidates are high in demand. That said, you need to formulate a strategic approach that connects you with top talent.  

The candidate sourcing strategies listed above will help you build a team of qualified, highly talented individuals that will make your organization successful.  

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