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How To Build a Platform on LinkedIn

August 6, 2023
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Happy Sunday! Welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, This week features Malya F. from The Malya Cam with 3 easy to implement tips on How to Build a Platform on LinkedIn!

Be Consistent

I cannot say this clearer. If you want to build a platform you must be consistent. When I started on Linkedin I did not have anything to sell, instead, I wanted to build a platform.

The way I did that was by showing up every single day.

Be Genuine

A lot of people are relying on AI to write their posts. Most of us can spot an AI post from a real and genuine one. Be real. When people feel that they know you, they become invested in you and then eventually buy your product!

Talk To The Individual

The most important lesson I learned while working at a radio station was to talk to the "you" while addressing the millions. I applied this on LinkedIn and it worked. Before making a post, I make it a habit to read it aloud, ensuring that every word resonated as if I were personally addressing one individual, not a crowd.

We hope you found this week’s episode insightful and helpful.

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