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How to Conduct Candid Performance Development Conversations

August 3, 2023
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How to Conduct Candid Performance Development Conversations


At some point in their career, nearly everyone has had a boss who completely bombed the performance development process. Effectively supplying performance development feedback makes for an exceptional leader.


In addition, it makes for an impeccable team. When leaders fail to address issues with their employees, their team will gradually lose confidence in their ability to be a successful figurehead.


What is Performance Development?


In the simplest of terms, performance development is a long-term process that permits a two-way conversation addressing development planning, goal setting, performance reviews, and ongoing engagement.


Effective performance development is highly constructive for organizations. With the help of formal and informal processes, it helps them align their resources, employees, and systems to meet their primary objectives.


It is the manager’s responsibility to help every person on their team develop and advance their careers whilst managing their performance at work.


Performance Development vs. Performance Management


While they’re often confused with one another, performance management and performance development are two different concepts.


There’s quite a distinction between giving someone a performance rating that translates into a bonus and having weekly impromptu guidance discussions that instills valuable strengths in a person.


Impromptu conversations should be taking place several times a week and should center around coaching an individual to perform better in the workplace. Giving clear, specific guidance in the appropriate tone is at the. core of performance development.


A performance review process without frequent development conversations is pointless, to say the least. Performance reviews should happen at least once or twice a year for the best results.


With that said, these reviews should help the employee understand their promotion prospects and their compensation, among other things. Be careful not to focus solely on performance management that you neglect performance development.


That way, your employees won’t be caught off guard by their performance review.


Impromptu Development Conversations


An impromptu development conversation should remain as intrinsic as possible, so that your employee can truly digest the information. Avoid operationalizing these sorts of conversations with your team.


The primary motivation behind these conversations is to solicit guidance and encourage growth and improvement. Impromptu development conversations can also help build stronger relationships between leaders and their team.


Aside from this, employees are more likely to retain the information they’re given when they know you have their best interest in mind.If you focus too much on promotions or termination, you could potentially takeaway their motivation to be better.  


Here are a few things to keep in mind when having an impromptu development conversation with your employees:


Be Helpful


It’s okay not to have all the answers in front of you. Let your employees know that you’re genuinely interested in helping them improve their performance at work.


Have the Conversation in Person


Speaking to your employees in person is the best way to know if they’re really on the same page as you. When face-to-face, you can observe their reactions, as opposed to a virtual conversation.

Then, you can adjust accordingly.


Remain Humble


Arrogance will deter you from having an effective impromptu development conversation. A crucial part of being humble is being a good listener. Be mindful of your employee’s perspective during your discussion.With that said, be open to push-back.


Why Performance Development is Important


Both performance development and performance management are a crucial part of being an exceptional leader. When you properly balance the two, you can develop a healthy workplace culture where individuals can grow and thrive.


Be sure to regularly conduct development conversations for the better of your company. After all, a business can’t stay afloat without a good leader on board. A performance development approach is effective because it establishes expectations within the workplace.


When leaders can establish expectations right away, they’re creating a strong line of trust with their employees. Performance development also gives employees continual coaching, regardless of their experience level.


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