Sunday's & Business

Job Descriptions

February 26, 2023
minute read

Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, This week featuring Tuli Kraus from Blackbird Recruiting with 3 easy to implement tips on Job Descriptions.

No need to hide

Don't hide the name of your company on the ad. Candidates might think that you are hiding something. I have seen way too many. ads like this: "An established company looking to hire Bookkeeper" for role. Don't be afraid to be transparent.

Add a salary

It is always better to add a salary to the job description. Just like when someone sells real estate, they always add a price when posting on Zillow etc. Do the same so you don't waste your time and your candidates time.

Sell yourself

If there is something about your company that stands out and makes people wanna join your team, then add it to the job description. For example, if your company offers stock option to employees, add it to the job description as many companies don't offer that, and it will help your ad stand out. Another idea: If you cover transportation or babysitting, add that as well. Are your healthcare options more competitive? Yes? Add it.