Sunday's & Business

Marketing Strategy

February 19, 2023
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Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, This week featuring Joseph Gestetner from GYB Marketing with 3 easy to implement tips on Marketing Strategy.

Understand the Customers Needs

Identify a specific need that your product or service caters to, and articulate how it solves the problems of your potential customers. When your target audience recognizes that your offering meets their requirements, they are more likely to engage with your brand.

Choose the Right Channels

With more than 23 marketing channels available, it can be challenging to determine which one/s will yield the highest Return on Investment (ROI). It is essential to analyze each channel to understand which is the most suitable for your business. Every business caters to a unique clientele, and what works for one may not be effective for another.

Have a plan.

Launching a marketing campaign without a well-defined plan can pose a significant risk of failure. Before embarking on any marketing efforts, it is crucial to establish clear goals, Having a comprehensive plan in place ensures that your marketing efforts are strategic and result-oriented.