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Maximizing Your Productivity And Focus

September 3, 2023
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Happy Sunday! Welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS. This week features Zyshe Schnitzler Founder and CEO at Tzibur Pro Consulting, with three easy-to-implement tips on  how to Maximize Your Productivity And Focus!

Don’t start your day hungry.

Arriving at work after eating a hearty breakfast imbues you with a sense of energy and calm; you can accomplish so much more than when your first meal is close (or even after) noon. Eating during work is often rushed and you don’t end up enjoying the moment.

Time is money.

Combine similar tasks to earn more hours in your week. Here are some examples:

1. Combine all travel meetings in one day so you can maintain strict in-office days.

2. Take one break during the day for all your errands such as grabbing lunch, bank, and dropping off the mail.

3. While you eat, if it’s hard to talk or type, you can take the opportunity to listen to podcasts or read important business updates.

Stay energetic throughout the day.

They say it’s not the actual smoking of the cigarette that calms the person, it’s the opportunity to take a break in a change of scenery that clears the mind. Take multiple 5-10 minute breaks during a busy day rather than a one-hour break for better results.

We hope you found this week’s episode insightful and helpful. 

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