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Naming Tasks for Maximum Productivity

April 21, 2024
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Happy Sunday! Welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS. This week features Shea Myski Founder of the Achieve More Workshop with three easy-to-implement tips on Naming Tasks for Maximum Productivity.


Similar to the subject of an email, a task name says what the task is about. Other information about the task should be separated from the task name with a hyphen. Short task names make it easier to read through.

Next Action

When naming your tasks, focus on the next action needed to move towards your goal, not just the end result. For instance, instead of simply writing "Dentist," try "Call Dentist" or even "Call Friend - for dentist recommendation." This way, you'll instantly know what needs to be done without having to mentally process the task each time you glance at it.


While Short & Next Action are important for task names, the task name needs to easily remind us about the task. We shouldn't be stuck at a task trying to remember what the task is about.

We hope you found this week’s episode insightful and helpful.

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