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3 easy to implement tips on Negotiations

November 6, 2022
minute read

Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, this week featuring Shea Spiegel from Imperial Real Estate Agency with 3 easy to implement tips on Negotiations

Knowledge is Power.

Educate, educate, educate. Before a negotiation, do thorough research on the industry, property, competition, and get as much information possible about the situation at hand. Because in a negation, knowledge truly is power.

Stay objective.

Don't let your emotions get hooked. Do not let anyone else's words, emotions, actions, or anything else rattle you. It is some negotiator's tactic to hook your emotions. When that happens, your judgment gets cloudy. You become vulnerable to judgment errors.

Keep your focus on the goal.

Buying the house, or selling the house or whatever the goal is in your negotiation. Focus on what people do more than what they say. You can become distracted by what they say and overlook what is actually happening. Don't be busy with what other people are doing and don't believe what is said about other people. Keep your focus on the goal.