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Running your Business Like a BOSS

June 4, 2023
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Happy Sunday! Welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, This week features Bentzi Elkouby from FluenTalkTM with 3 easy to implement tips on Running your Business Like a BOSS.

Validate. Strategize. Execute. Repeat.

Running a business is essentially a simple formula.

  • Validate: Determine the salability of the product/service.
  • Strategize: Do the right things.
  • Execute: Do them the right way.
  • Repeat: Do them consistently.

Although the formula may need to be tweaked periodically, following the above guidelines will ultimately lead to success.

Don't make money. Make systems that will make you money.

Simply hustling to make sales will eventually lead to burnout and the potential disposal of an idea that could've been a money-maker. Instead, systemize your business process (execution) and you'll be on a longer, but healthier road to success.

Expand your horizons.

As long as it won't be detrimental to your business structure, constantly ask yourself three questions:

1. Is there another product/service within my expertise that would have salability? Often the tools you possess can be slightly tweaked to elasticate all your products/services.

2. Is there another niche and/or market that I could profit from?

3. Can I utilize someone else to do the grunt work and maximize my profitability?

We hope you found this week’s episode insightful and helpful.

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Have a successful week ahead!