Sunday's & Business

Simple Sales Tips

February 5, 2023
minute read

Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, This week featuring Raizy Weiss from iCatch Media with 3 easy to implement tips on Sales!

Build a Rapport with your Clients.

Building a rapport and relationship with your clients, is crucial. Get to know them on a personal and business level so that they learn to trust you. You can then sell them the services/products you believe would be beneficial for them.

Quit Putting Pressure.

People don't like to feel pressured. Even more so, when someone feels pressured, they psychologically push back. Instead of pressuring, start the conversation by listening to their needs and seeing if they're a right fit for your company.


People love being listened to! It's super important to listen to each client/potential client. Hear them out, show genuine interest, ask questions, and see if you can add value to their business.