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3 easy to implement tips on Task Management

October 2, 2022
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Happy Sunday! welcome back to SUNDAYS & BUSINESS, this week featuring Jacob Weberman from On track bookkeeping with 3 easy to implement tips on Task Management

Use "A" task management system.

A task management tool offers many benefits. Enhanced productivity and focus, more efficient communication, and improved ability to meet deadlines are just three benefits from a long list. Utilizing a feature-rich task management tool is way more powerful, but that shouldn't keep you back from having just a basic system.

Multi-tasking does not exist.

While our brain is composed of billions of neurons and connections, we still are incapable of doing multiple tasks concurrently. When we try to multi task, our brain constantly switches gears to go back and forth between duties resulting in inefficiency. So, multi-tasking does not exist, at least not how we think about it. Task management means tackling one task at a time.

Once a week, organize your tasks.

The idea of organizing your tasks before leaving for a vacation is to come back to a fresh start. When you do this once a week, not only will you have the advantage of imagining an enticing break, but you will also have the benefit of starting anew weekly, allowing you a clear mind of the tasks to be done.