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The Keys to Positive Leadership

March 15, 2023
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Every day when you step into your office, you’re met with your team of hardworking employees. When you look around, do you see a group of people who look like they enjoy what they do?  

Let’s say the answer is “no” – you have the power to change that. There are ways in which you can improve yourself as a leader for the better of your company and your team.  

If you care about the success of your employees and their contributions to your company, then pay close attention to the fundamentals of positive leadership.

What is Positive Leadership?

Best-selling author Kim S. Cameron’s book “Practicing Positive Leadership” defines positive leadership as “the implementation of multiple positive practices that help individuals and organizations achieve their highest potential, flourish at work, experience elevating energy, and achieve levels of effectiveness.”  

Positive leadership influences positive emotions that encourage individuals to excel in their work. Positive leaders craft an empowering environment through good communication, emotional intelligence, and motivation.

Creating positive work conditions for your team and building relationships through collaborative efforts will prove to be beneficial for your company as a whole.  

Why Is Positive Leadership Important?

Why should you choose to be a positive leader? Positive leaders motivate and encourage their team. A team that’s motivated will produce better work and benefit the company as a whole.  

Threatening employees with severe punishment or termination may open their eyes, but it won’t motivate them in a sustainable way. This is where positive leadership comes in.  

Positive leaders don’t just motivate their employees – they build an environment that encourages people to motivate themselves. To do so successfully, they must ensure four qualities are nurtured in their office.


They include:

  • Purpose
  • Psychological safety
  • Path
  • Progress

Let’s break these down further.  


Purpose is a feel-good force that can be used to pull your employees towards a brighter future. Purpose improves physical and psychological well-being, and even boosts workplace performance and employee satisfaction.  

Positive leaders work every day to activate purpose.  

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the belief that you will not be punished for speaking up with questions, concerns, ideas, or mistakes.  

Psychological safety creates an atmosphere that ensures employees they will not be humiliated or rejected when they speak their mind or make mistakes. Psychological safety encourages people to be fully present at work without intimidation.  

When your team feels they are contributing something to your organization, they’ll bring their A-game and produce quality work. Psychological safety has a few positive effects, including:

  • Boosts levels of creativity  
  • Increases confidence
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Increases trusts between employees

Don’t overlook psychological safety – it plays a significant role in your company’s progress.  


For the path to be an effective one, your employees need to understand the roles they play in your organization. That way, they know exactly what’s expected of them.  

Positive leaders frequently tend to the needs of their employees so that they can feel appreciated and empowered.


Positive leaders put forth the effort to get to know their team on a personal and professional level. This is how you establish a connection with your employees. In addition, show a genuine interest in their progress.  

Positive leaders provide meaningful feedback when people excel and when they’re falling short. Think of someone you worked very hard for in the past – they were most likely challenged you empathetically.  

All things considered; a positive leader motivates their team.  

Positive Leadership is a Sustainable Framework for Leading in Times of Uncertainty  

Times have certainly changed. Since the global pandemic, uncertainty is all around us, and it’s important to be prepared in order to get through it. Positive leadership is an excellency-driven framework for leading in periods of uncertainty and volatility.  

A positive leader can tread through tough waters and bring their team to victory. Chaotic periods are unpredictable – leaders are responsible for keeping their ship afloat. The positive leadership style naturally encourages teams to build on their strengths.  

After all, uncertainty is a constant threat when running a business.

It’s All About Balance  

Positive leadership has proven to be extremely effective as a leadership style, regardless of the company’s size, age, or professional field. It applies to every kind of business, team, and organization.  

To foster positive leadership in your company, you need the right tools to make it happen.  

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