Time Tracking

Time tracking alone is not always the full solution

May 18, 2022
minute read

Has your organization thought about implementing a time tracking software? Perhaps you currently use one, but experiencing difficulties. While it may be surprising to some managers, time tracking alone is not always the full solution for your business. Let’s take a look why.  

You Aren’t Verifying the Hours

If you aren’t taking the time to look over the hours, even the best time tracking software will be useless. Verification can ensure the accuracy of records which will reduce the likelihood of payroll errors. This costs you money, and the hours logged are essentially worthless. Obviously, with an easy time tracking software this should take minutes.

Your Time Tracking Software is Outdated

You may have purchased the best time tracking software on the market at one point; however, advances to technology can quickly make your software outdated, particularly if the company fails to update features. If you are using outdated time tracking software, your employees can get easily frustrated. Aligning your organization with updated software will save time, improve efficiency, and help increase productivity of management.

Time is Tracked After the Fact

While many organizations use instantaneous time tracking, some utilize systems where employees enter time after the fact. While practical in theory, there are some major issues with this type of setup. The main one lies in simple problems with our brain’s memory ;)

The longer after the fact that people log their time, the worse the accuracy will be. This can lead to you overpaying employees and simply having a poor record of time. It can also encourage dishonesty. The best time tracking system is one that logs time instantly.

You Don’t Explain Why

One of the most common mistakes that managers make when first implementing a time tracking software is just to explain that employees will now be tracking their time and not giving context. While this may make sense to the manager, employees can read many different messages into the situation. As such, employees might feel they are not being trusted or that they aren’t valued, creating pushback. Instead, be sure to explain why time tracking is being incorporated (reducing payroll errors, improving efficiency of processes, etc.).

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of benefits to using a time tracking system, the reality is that it isn’t fully effective unless it's executed successfully.

If you feel time tracking is important but you don’t have the right system at your disposal, Friday is always happy to chat with you about your needs and how we may be able to help.