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Time Tracking is Crucial for Project Management: Here’s Why

January 30, 2023
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When completing a project, effective planning is a necessary strategy. The key to determining whether your plan adheres to the timeline is project management.  

This concept comprises several components, with time management being one of them. There are several time management techniques your company can explore to find which method proves the most effective.  

This process can also help to alleviate stress and increase productivity amongst your employees. Keep in mind that these are things your team will need when tackling multiple assignments.  

Time management, when done correctly, encourages you to analyze just how much time is spent on certain activities. Keeping track of the amount of time spent on each project will benefit every team member.

One of the best ways to properly keep track of time is via time tracking software. In fact, time tracking software should always play a role in the project management process.  

Time Tracking in Project Management

The project time management process keeps track of how long employees take to complete their assignments. The software acts as an assistant to the project manager and determines their team’s productivity and progress on a project.

Time tracking gives project managers an accurate time frame for a project. In addition, team members can utilize time tracking to assess their productivity and performance.  

While it’s possible for project managers to monitor time manually, time tracking software is more beneficial. It’s a powerful tool that can help project managers:

  1. Monitor their team’s progress
  1. Track time spent on projects
  1. Produce reports they can analyze  

Not all time tracking softwares comprise the same features, however, most of them allow team members to keep track of their time on every project or assignment. Moreover, this software can especially benefit companies with hourly employees.  

The Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Most businesses don’t utilize a comprehensive time management system. Instead, they depend on simpler options like lists, if anything at all. There are several methods for tracking time that don’t involve a software, including:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Smartphone notes  
  • Pen and paper  

That said, none of these are as effective as a time tracking software. As a business owner, you’ll want to utilize an option that’s as efficient as possible – time is money.  

With all of this in mind, how effective is time tracking, really? Observe the following list of reasons explaining why a time tracking software will benefit your business more so than traditional methods.

Time Tracking Software Supplies Accurate Performance Insights  

Your employee’s performance is necessary for you to monitor on a frequent basis. Without insight into their performance, it’s difficult to manage them effectively.  

If you fail to track and analyze an employee’s performance, it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate idea of their work hours and time spent on assignments. This is exactly why time tracking software benefits employee productivity.  

In addition, time tracking software will make you aware of your company’s top performers.


Time Tracking Software Increases Your Business’ Transparency  

You’re increasing your business’ transparency when you incorporate effective time tracking into your practice. Time tracking software allows you to supply insight into completed tasks along with the amount of time it took to finish them.  

These estimations enable you to see which tasks take longer or shorter than anticipated. Then, you can begin planning and scheduling your projects accordingly. Over time, time tracking software gives project managers a clearer understanding of their workflow.  

With these insights, project managers can also create better work schedules for their team.  

Time Tracking Software Monitors a Project’s Progress

The majority of employees frequently miss deadlines. Employees that do this cause confusion because they’re blind to the amount of time required to complete an assignment, meaning they’re also underestimating its cost.  

Not only this, but if your employees spend too much time on projects that have less value, you will lose money.  

Time Tracking Software Streamlines Payroll  

Time tracking software reduces the cost of payroll processing. Better yet, it’s more reliable than manual tracking methods. Business owners will benefit from time tracking software, considering they can expect fewer rejected timesheets that cause delays in payroll processing.


Overall, time tracking tools allow project managers to keep track of their assignments and the amount of time they spend on them. A time tracking system supplies sufficient data, which enables project managers to evaluate the resources needed for a project.

Improve Project Management with The Help of a Time Tracking Software  

Advanced online tools are capable of transforming businesses for the better. As more companies are ditching traditional methods of time management for time tracking software, it’s essential for your business to get on board.


Not to mention, time tracking softwares make various aspects of business a lot easier and less time consuming, leaving your team room to take on more projects.  

A time tracking solution that’s easy to manage, provides access to employee time data, and consolidates with your billing management software is the future of project management in business.  

Time tracking tools help employees:

  • Identify areas in need of improvement  
  • Meet deadlines  
  • Monitor work performance and progress  

Time tracking software is a jack of all trades that can simplify the process of project management.  

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